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Aesthetic Communications is a personalised, bespoke and results driven Marketing and Communications Agency, offering a range of services and strategies to maximise your business’ potential.

Marketing Strategy Development

Do you have marketing campaigns developed in order to maximise your businesses peak time?
Being a communications and marketing company, our overall goal is for you to achieve optimal results from strategies that we have developed. Not one business is the same, so we believe in providing you with personalized strategies and services to help your business become the best it can be.

We work closely with you to understand your business’ goals, providing you with the ideal campaigns for your peak and off peak times. We pride ourselves on understanding our customer and working with you to get the results you want.

Social Media

So, how necessary is Social Media?

We live in a technology savvy and media based world where Social Media is becoming a means for people to share their interests, promote their business and connect with other people. We believe that Social Media is an important and necessary aspect of any business in order to network and reach your target audience.

Did you know, on Facebook, the people who view a post goes far beyond the people who have liked your page? The purpose of hashtags are for people to search your business, reach your business and promote your business. Social Media is necessary for you to expand, network and reach the right clientele.

Social Media Strategy

So, why do we need a Social Media Strategy?

A Social Media Strategy means the right people are being reached at the right time. We believe in consistency and planning. Posting at peak times completely changes the outreach and how effective the posts can be.

We believe in quality over quantity, we believe in posting at the right times on the right day and seeing what special events are approaching and how we can develop Social Media Strategies to reach a certain target market. We know the target market for your business and we know how to achieve the results that you want. Strategy is essential in creating consistent results.


Isn’t my Website good enough anyway?

As companies, we are always changing and evolving and it is important that our Website is appealing, descriptive and easy to use. The customer’s first understanding and interaction with your company is through your Website, so that Website needs to reflect you, your image and appeal to your target market.

We work with your team to develop a Website which reflects your goals, your image and has significant content which is informative, yet appealing. A good Website reflects you as a company, so we make sure your website is the perfect first impression for your customer.

Content Creation

So what is Content Creation?

We use our skills to work with you in Creating Content in a digital form for a specific audience and user. We value the online world in providing a means for our Content to reach the right people, in return getting results. Content Creation includes social media, videography, photography, blogs, websites and more. We work with you to create quality Content in which you will see results.


But does Copy-Writing really matter?

Copy-Writing is essential in gaining public interaction and interest from your audience. Asking questions, descriptive and user appropriate language for your target audience, grammar, and consistency are all aspects which will change your Social Media platforms and provide an engaging environment for your audience. It is important that the language you use online is concise but appealing in order to gain that reach and achieve your goals.

Photography and Videography

But can’t I just take Photos on my phone?

This is a large aspect of Content Creation when created specifically for your audience. Beautiful, quality and consistent images and videos are engaging and a large stimulus in creating an image for your business.

The difference between taking images on your Phone and on a Camera is the quality and the editing skills which will make a large difference in how it reaches and attracts the market. It is a competitive market for any given area of business, and we want you to reach your biggest potential to get the best results.

Product Launches

What does a product launch do?
Launching your product or business is a great and exciting way for people to connect and network with you and your product. It is a way to reach a new market and form relationships. We work with you to create a memorable, effective and results driven launch.

Networking is essential, as well as forming a relationship with the market, allowing you to have the confidence that your product and business is being launched with a goal in mind and is personalized to suit your business and your clients.

Re-branding and image development

Do I need to re-brand?
Sometimes re-branding and image development is a necessary aspect of your company. We work with you to make this process effective and to re-brand your business with a particular goal in mind. A new image for your business will ultimately allow you to re vamp your company, developing strategies, a new perspective and ideas.

Re-branding allows your company to progress alongside you and your goals. It is essential to have a strong image that is constant and true to your brand, therefore a clear and concise direction and development will ensure a strong brand image.

Brand-alignments and partnerships

What are the benefits of partnerships?
We choose the best representatives and partners to promote and expand your company or brand. The benefits of partnerships are the ability to access a range of people from different markets, to expand your brand. We pick suitable alignments which will enhance and promote your company or brand, rather than hindering it. This personalised service ensures a suitable and appropriate alignment, benefiting you and your brand.

Meet The Team

From a creative graphics guru to a smack bang copywriter, our team has got you covered.
Check out who we are here and click on each person directly to contact them.

Jes Sarkis

Jes Sarkis

What can I say? I LOVE Marketing and helping your business succeed through clever and out of the box Marketing and Communication Strategies, Designs and Creations. What I love the most about Marketing is to capture the essence of a brand through telling a story and really unveiling the why factor behind the brand.

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Aura Mendez

Aura Mendez

As an industrial designer specialising in strategic management, I have a passion for bringing products from concept to market. With a Master’s degree in Marketing and 11 years of experience, my background in Design and Marketing is rich and varied. My main focused is on design and Marketing strategy and project management for the creation and development of new concepts for Marketing strategies and new products.

With an eye for detail and a knack for working with ideas expressed through design, I know how to develop and support marketing activities through innovation and growth initiatives. With high levels of organisation and an objective focused outlook, I thrive on finding new and exciting ways to reach consumers. By balancing creative vision with a business mindset, I add value and provide a no-nonsense and targeted approach to the task at hand.

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Bianca Block

Bianca Block

Creating clever copy will ensure all your posts are on point. After understanding who your audience is we make sure we create content that speaks to them. After all, what’s the point of creating killer content but not having copy to match it?

On my days off I can be found taking strolls along Coogee and taking in the gorgeous beach side sunset.

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Cass Victoria

Cass Victoria

Social Media is my passion! Being a blogger myself I see the importance for businesses to have an active presence and ensure they are being social on social media of course!

I understand the need for businesses in today's social media landscape to identify their point of difference to really break through and get noticed. In a world where we continuously scroll until something catches our eye, it is imperative to be the brand with the image that makes you stop scrolling. I am passionate about helping your business succeed and break through on Social Media.

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Anthony Georges

Anthony Georges

Hi there, my name's Anthony and I'm the creative consultant here at Aesthetic Communications. That means that I look after all of the design and creative needs of your business. With years of experience in the design and print industry I can bring a great deal of knowledge to the table when discussing the ins-and-outs of promoting your business.
My passion for design started with my love of illustration and fine art. Drawing, making and creating is what I enjoy doing - To see a happy client as the end result is just the icing on the cake. If you don't find me behind my computer, I'm usually fishing, travelling or enjoying a scotch on the rocks.

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Our Work

We offer an overall marketing development in which we focus on the creation of Social Media Platforms, Social Media Strategies and Content Creation. We offer targeted copywriting for your Website and Social Media Platforms in which we bring your ideas to life, while incorporating professional photography and videography to maximise the visual appeal of your business.

Combined with these strategies we offer our unique services including product launches, re-branding and image development and alignments and partnerships, with the aim of enhancing your online presence. In conjunction with these services we build customised websites.

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