16 June 2016

A brand ambassador and everything that it entails

The creation of a brand takes a lot of work – from the birth of it, too it’s development, through the execution stage and onwards.

by Jessica Sarkis · 2 mins 20 secs

The creation of a brand takes a lot of work – from the birth of it, too it’s development, through the execution stage and onwards. It’s a lot of effort for one dreamer, or a ‘business owner’ as we’re otherwise known. In order to push the boundaries and take your brand above and beyond others in the market, you need to reach out to your audiences in ways that others don’t. The current generation loves a face, a person they can relate to and interact with; someone they admire and strive to live their lives similarly (#goals anyone?). Enter – the brand ambassador.

Brand ambassadors provide this and more for your customer base – and in turn, they should embody your business’ identity in every way; appearance, behaviour, values and choices. They must be passionate and knowledgeable on your business as there’s nothing worse than an ambassador who knows seemingly nothing about the brand they’re meant to be advertising! This kind of mistake can result in your customer base turning hostile when they believe you’re merely seeking a boost in sales rather than genuine relationships.
A big mistake businesses and ambassadors can make is not rigidly defining the line between an ambassador and a spokesperson – a spokesperson is merely a ceremonial figure, whereas an ambassador should live their lives around your brand.

They should fit your image to a tee and inspire others to want to live your brand. In a world where consumers’ trust is rapidly diminishing, providing a human link in the shape of a brand ambassador can give you the edge over your competition. Just follow these tips and you’ll be far, far ahead of the game:

Listen to your consumers – engage with your audience periodically throughout the introduction of your ambassador and further down the line. If they’re responding to them, and believe in their representation, then continue on as you were. The ongoing evaluation will enable you to stay on top of the consumers’ wants and needs in regards to the brand ambassadors you should seek.

Do your research and do it again, then once more, just to be certain – simply put, you want to hire the right person for the job. Don’t choose a brand ambassador for say, a tyre company, who has no knowledge whatsoever about automotives… That’ll just lead to huge embarrassment for you in the future.

Stay abreast of the trends – keep your brand relevant by ensuring your ambassadors are kept similarly so. New developments can be adapted to suit your representative’s current persona and consequently, your business can continue as a leading player in its field.
Good luck, do your research, and make sure to become chummy with the right people – ambassadors can be your best form of advertisement and customer engagement, or they can be your most public downfall – choose carefully!

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