19 May 2016

The benefits of using Bloggers

We Are Savages (Instagram: @wearesavages_au) is an up and coming Australian leather brand, inspired by the concept of the street style of Bondi.

by Jessica Sarkis · 2 mins 50 secs

We Are Savages x @NathanTito x @StyleByMarcJames

We Are Savages (Instagram: @wearesavages_au) is an up and coming Australian leather brand, inspired by the concept of the street style of Bondi. The fashion label creates leather basics for both men and women, and aims to bring a new type of sophistication to the current fashion industry.
We Are Savages, is new to the Aesthetic Communications family and we are stoked to be able to help them in teaming them up with fashion and style Instagram bloggers. Through the brief that we were given by the business, we under went a research program to find Instagram influencers whom represent the type of style and nature that We Are Savages represents, and the way that they want to promote their product to their consumers. By having a brief available to us, we were able to link certain social media influences, and narrowed it down to who suited the style of the business.

Our most recent collaboration for the We Are Savages brand was with two urban street style bloggers, Nathan Tito (@Nathantito) and Marc James (@stylebymarcjames), whom both together run a style company. Both Nathan and Marc are fashion stylists and clothing designers at Tito. The fashion enthusiasts both live and breathe anything that represents modern sophistication through fashion, and socialise with celebrities such as Sydney Fashion Blogger and Tegan Martin. Their social elite proves that their influence within the fashion world makes a mark. Both being high profile fashion bloggers on Instagram, they have a high number of followers on their individual pages, and a combined following of over 30,000 followers.

So lets take a look at the results of the collaboration with both Instagram bloggers and We Are Savages. By linking the brand to both Nathan and Marc, not only did the product get exposure to their Instagram followers, but the We Are Savages Instagram page increased by 500 followers, therefore increasing the brands social media exposure, and eventually leading to sales due to the bloggers influence. The followers that were gained came through Nathan and Marc posting pictures on their Instagram pages, and linking the We Are Savages tag (@wearesavages_au). The most important thing to recognise about these followers is that they are loyal followers by the fashion bloggers, which means they are real people with active Instagram blogs. The influence the two have on their following (not just within Australia, but also globally), means that because Nathan and Marc found interest in the brand, they should as well. It’s as if their influence and opinion makes sure that their followers can keep up with current fashion, and also the style of the two bloggers. Due to the success of the collaboration, both Nathan and Marc have now been signed on as new loyal brand ambassadors for the We Are Savages brand, which means they will be assisting in the promotion of the new fashion label.

The Aesthetic Communications Management program is all about linking the most current social media influencers, with the right brand. The program provides sources bloggers to produce content for businesses within Australia, and also globally. We go to the business and supply it with service of the blogger and facilitate the process to make it easier, buy making the bloggers stick to time frames and deliver the product or services without deleting the content. We also facilitate in the negotiation of set pricing for the service of the blogger and ourselves as an agency.

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